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Why I’m in Love with Pink

Sunday Times Style Cover

I was woken up this Sunday morning in the country by the ‘ping’ of a text at around 7.30 am. Who the hell…..Well, it could wait. Who on earth could be texting me so early, I thought as I started running the bath. What could anybody be texting me about that early on a Sunday. Half an hour later, after soaking in my favourite pine essence bath and floating back to life, (incidentally I get many of my best hat ideas in the bath), I wrapped myself in my French wool milliner’s dressing gown and picked up the phone.

It was from a stylist friend saying ‘Had I seen Sunday Times Style?’.

One of my hats – my pink rimmed wicker boater (part of my new Summer 2014 Collection, which will be available in about two weeks)- was featured on the cover of Sunday Times Style ! I had lent the Sunday Times a selection of hats, including the pink wicker boater, back on the summer for a photo-shoot but had heard nothing back. I certainly had no forewarning that they were using the hat to decorate their fashion cover with the headline: ‘Granny Takes a Trip: How Old Lady Dressing Got Hip’.

The photo features model Yumi Lambert wearing my latest Summer 2014 wicker boater with checked pink trim. She is dressed up in candy-floss pink Bugsy Malone school-girl chic – touting a pink rubber gun under her pink jacket , skirt and white shoes by Carven. Also love the ‘spring pink’ flowers by Macculough & Wallis.

For anybody wanting to get my wicker boater hat before it goes on sale part of my Summer 2014 Collection, it is available on a pre-order basis directly via the shop on this website. It is available for £255 in a choice of colours – not just the pink, although I do especially adore pink right now. Not the least as it is the beautiful colour of the sapphire I chose for my new engagement ring.

Sunday Times Style Cover

Sunday Times Style Cover 13 October 2013 – Laura Cathcart Millinery S/S14 Pink Boater

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